Tire Failure & Vehicle Rollover

Tire Failure & Vehicle Rollover

Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston

Tire Failure and Vehicle Rollover

Car accidents are a traumatic experience, whether it is a fender bender or a complete rollover. If you’ve been seriously injured or lost a love one in an accident, contacting a personal injury lawyer in Houston is the best decision you can make for your case.

In the event of a serious accident, like tire failure or a vehicle rollover, there are many causes that could be why it happened. Distracted driving is one of the top causes of accidents, from using your cell phone to eating to even grooming. Other causes include speeding, going too fast on turns, not acclimating to bad weather that could make roads icy or wet, or even defective tires can lead to failure and accidents.

There are a number of ways that defective tires can cause a crash. The tread on the tires can separate. When that happens, you can no longer control your vehicle. A tire that’s poorly designed can wear too quickly. A poorly designed tire may not be able to withstand potholes. Keeping up to date on your car maintenance can be a way to avoid having such accidents, like rotating and changing your tires regularly.

No matter the cause of the accident, you should be calling a personal injury attorney to handle your case. If you are trying to handle it on your own, it could end up with missed deadlines and frustration, which would just add to your stress of the accident and trying to recover. Letting a trusted and experienced attorney handle the deadlines and paperwork will give you the time you need to be with your loved ones and recuperate accordingly.

If you lose a loved one from a rollover or other type of car accident, you will need a local personal injury lawyer in Houston by your side to file your wrongful death claim. These cases are particularly difficult and should be dealt with in the highest regard. Attorney Hinkle has 25 years of experience handling such cases with the care and support they need. You need time to grieve and be with those you love during such a trying time. Allowing an attorney to handle your case is the best thing you can do to ensure it’s successful.

The Law Office of D’Ann Hinkle is here to help you and your loved ones gain the compensation you need to help with any medical bills, funeral expenses, time off work, or emotional support that may be required because of the accident. Contact the office today to schedule your case consultation and discuss your next step.