Refinery Explosions

Refinery Explosions

Houston Refinery Accident Attorney

Refinery Explosions and Accidents

When you are injured in a refinery accident in Texas, you need to contact the Law Office of D’Ann Hinkle. Refineries are dangerous places to work because there are volatile chemicals, dangerous machinery, and explosions. Employers in Texas are responsible for providing safety equipment in refineries according to certain safety standards. You can contact a Houston refinery accident lawyer for assistance when you are injured in a refinery.

Types of Refinery Injuries


An employer should have safety equipment to prevent falls from the high levels in a refinery. In addition, an employer must have slip-resistant flooring to prevent falls on wet tile. A fall from a high level can lead to a severe injury that will incapacitate an individual for months or a lifetime.

Crushing Injuries

If heavy equipment falls on a worker in a refinery, then it can lead to a crushing injury. A worker might incur a concussion or crushed limbs, leading to a permanent injury.

Chemical Burns

Refineries have chemicals in containers that are used for various processes. If chemical leaks from a container, then it can burn a worker’s eyes or skin. Chemical burns are serious injuries that can leave scars or lead to visual impairments.


A refinery may have sharp machinery that requires safety shields so that a worker isn’t cut. However, if an amputation of a finger, arm, or leg occurs from a refinery accident, then it will change the employee’s life. By contacting a Houston refinery accident lawyer for assistance, it is possible to collect the evidence that proves that an employer was negligent.

Toxic Fume Exposure

Injuries from toxic fumes can occur in only seconds, or it may take many years to suffer from the consequences of exposure to air pollutants. Toxic fumes can cause medical problems that affect your brain, lungs or heart, leading to a lifetime of health issues.


Explosions are a large part of refinery accidents. Due to gas or negligence, any type of case involving such explosions should not be taken lightly. Serious injuries and even death can be caused by explosions.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a refinery accident, consulting with a refinery injury attorney is the best decision you can make. A local Houston refinery accident attorney is here to help you get compensated as much as possible for your injuries. To learn more about legal assistance for refinery accidents, contact the Law Office of D’Ann Hinkle today.