Construction Accidents on the Road: What are the Consequences

road construction

Road and highway construction requires extreme caution from motorists and workers alike. Whether abruptly changing lanes, merging with other traffic, or weaving through narrow and often confusingly marked segments of paved and unpaved road, construction zones provide unique challenges to drivers and the vulnerable men and women who work in those areas. While the construction […]

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Injured by a Defective Product? How You Can Be Compensated


Even though we buy and use products to make our lives easier and better, the things we buy don’t always work the way that they’re supposed to work. If you’re hurt because of a product, you may be able to recover compensation for your losses. Compensation for injuries from a defective product is called product […]

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Injured At Work? What Is The Next Step?

work injury

Houston Workers Compensation Laws It is estimated that 8,000 people are injured on the job each day. Thirteen people die each day from an injury on the job. Texas leads the country in workplace injuries. Texas has a no-fault workers compensation program. This means that people can get compensated for their injuries regardless of who […]

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Fender Bender: Who is Liable?

fender bender

When you’re out driving around in the Houston area, you never know what can happen. Another driver may be distracted and slam into the back of your car. You might be traveling peacefully down a residential street when someone backs out of a driveway into the side of your vehicle. Who is liable in these […]

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Oil Rig Explosion: Injuries and Wrongful Death Compensation

Working in the energy industry can be a rewarding career, but those who work on an oil rig probably have some of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. There is any number of problems that can arise when working on an oil rig, especially in a remote location, but the most serious and dangerous […]

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