Oil Rig Explosion: Injuries and Wrongful Death Compensation

Oil Rig Explosion: Injuries and Wrongful Death Compensation

oil rigWorking in the energy industry can be a rewarding career, but those who work on an oil rig probably have some of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. There is any number of problems that can arise when working on an oil rig, especially in a remote location, but the most serious and dangerous accidents are fires and explosions. Receiving equitable compensation from injuries suffered as the result of an oil rig accident can be a long and frustrating experience for everyone involved, and it can never be accomplished without legal counsel from an experienced Houston personal injury attorney.


Fires can occur accidentally with little actual negligence being involved, but that is not always the case. Regardless of the manner in which they begin, they can be real trouble on both land and at sea because fires can lead to the ultimately dangerous explosion. Injuries associated with fires can still be very serious issues and deserving of proper compensation even when they do not result in death. These cases are often defended as strongly as wrongful death claims, and they always require solid legal representation for negotiating a fair settlement.


The same condition applies in wrongful death work accidents cases as well, with families also having standing to file loss of consortium claims in some cases. This will assuredly be the legal recourse for the families of the five workers who died in the recent explosion at Houston-based Patterson-UTI Energy Inc. Although this accident occurred on a land-based oil rig, many explosions happen offshore as well, which can also mean more compensation for wrongful death in certain situations when an aggressive and experienced Houston oil rig explosion or refinery injury attorney can build a strong case for gross negligence against the employer.

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Whether it is a long-term injury resulting from a fire or a wrongful death case resulting from an explosion, it is never a good decision to attempt negotiating with the company or accepting a blanket offer without consulting with a Houston personal injury lawyer like D’Ann Hinkle who can investigate the accident on your behalf and discuss the potential for claim damages.