Fender Bender: Who is Liable?

Fender Bender: Who is Liable?

fender benderWhen you’re out driving around in the Houston area, you never know what can happen. Another driver may be distracted and slam into the back of your car. You might be traveling peacefully down a residential street when someone backs out of a driveway into the side of your vehicle. Who is liable in these instances, and when should you contact a personal injury lawyer in Houston TX?

Let’s take the first scenario. If someone rear-ends you, the other driver is going to be found at fault 99.9 percent of the time. In a rear end accident, you may experience injuries to the neck like whiplash. You may also have pain in the neck and shoulders as well as pain throughout the back.

If a driver backs out of their driveway and hits your passing vehicle, that driver is liable for the accident. They should not have backed up and out until the way was clear. If you are hit on the driver’s side of your vehicle, you may experience many types of injury ranging from neck injuries to fractures and generalized soreness.

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When you are injured in an automobile accident, you will have medical costs that will need to be paid. You may also need ongoing physical therapy depending on the severity of your particular injuries.

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